Lap Band

A reversible bariatric surgery, the lap band procedure restricts the amount of food you consume while still allowing for normal absorption.

Average Excess Weight Loss Percentage

Results will vary from patient to patient


Of all the gastric surgeries we do in Irving, TX, lap band might be one of the least complex options. Lap band surgery involves no cutting or stapling and is minimally invasive. Patients can still expect to lose a considerable amount of excess body weight, with most studies showing an average of 40%, although results will vary from patient to patient.

With a lap band, patients will absorb food and nutrients normally; however, the amount of food consumed is restricted due to a band that constricts the top of the stomach. This restricted amount of food intake will lead to weight loss, although the results can vary from person to person. Weight loss is also slower than compared to other surgical weight loss options.

Patients who elect to have a lap band surgery can expect the operation to be an outpatient procedure for most cases. Most patients can return to work within 1-2 weeks. After the lap band is in place, patients will have to have followup appointments for adjustments and fills, as well as to check on the status of the lap band itself.

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