Sleeve Gastrectomy

One of the most common bariatric operations performed around the nation, a sleeve gastrectomy can let patients enjoy a longer, healthier life by offering a significant reduction in excess weight.

Average Excess Weight Loss Percentage


A sleeve gastrectomy, or a gastric sleeve as it is also known, involves removing a portion of the stomach. Patients who undergo a sleeve gastrectomy can expect o lose an average of 50-60% of excess body weight.

The gastric sleeve promotes weight loss due to the reduction in stomach size by approximately 75%. Due to the reduced stomach size, the patient will consume less food and have a decrease in hunger due to a change in their hormones. Your stomach will continue to absorb food and nutrients normally.

In addition to helping patients lose weight, there is also a chance that a patient will see diabetes remission. Patients who undergo a gastric sleeve have around a 60% chance that they will no longer require medication for their type 2 diabetes.

It is important to know that a gastric sleeve is not a reversible operation. There is also a chance that a gastric sleeve will worsen reflux or heartburn. After your procedure, you can expect a 24-48 hour hospital stay. You can return to normal activity around 3-4 weeks after the operation.

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